Case studies

Drawing on interviews with our Apps, illustrating a range of challenges and reviewing how they were overcome.

  • Derventio

    Supporting Derventio to integrate with multiple MIS for seamless and secure data sharing.

    Case Study
  • Maths Circle

    Making the onboarding process simple and the seamless data sync secure and accurate.

    Case Study
  • Parents Booking

    A strong growth trajectory required speedy integration with school MIS securely and at scale.

    Case Study
  • Relish

    Keen to focus on providing schools with individual service, lacking integration resource for all MIS' was a headache for the team.

    Case Study
  • Reggie Education

    Making Reggie's product work with any MIS required Wonde's innovative simple API.

    Case Study
  • Cornerstones

    Needing to integrate with a high number of primary schools, quickly and effectively, required Wonde's trusted solution.

    Case Study
  • MyConcern | OneTeamLogic

    Keen to improve their integration process to better support their growing customer base required provision of flexibility and choice.

    Case Study

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