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Keen to improve their integration process to better support their growing customer base required provision of flexibility and choice.

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About MyConcern

MyConcern is an award-winning safeguarding software solution that services thousands of schools across the UK and Internationally. It is a key tool in allowing schools and colleges, across a range of education settings, to securely manage their safeguarding responsibilities.

Staff in schools and colleges rely on MyConcern to facilitate the reporting, recording and management of a huge range of safeguarding, pastoral and wellbeing issues such as mental health, online safety and bullying. An important aspect of this service is being able to extract data from a school’s MIS (Management Information System) to ensure accurate reporting against individuals and reduce double keying or duplication of data.

The challenge

As MyConcern’s business scaled and their customer base grew, they were conscious they needed to improve their integration processes to meet the growing demand of their core product; MyConcern. 

MyConcern wanted to create more choice for their customer base, when selecting a method by which to integrate their systems and allow for greater flexibility in which 3rd party integrator they wanted to use.

The solution

As a result of this challenge, MyConcern wanted to find an alternative solution to offer more choice to their customers. They have now been customers of Wonde for 4 years. 

MyConcern embarked on a programme of work, supported by Wonde’s development team, to utilise APIs, which would allow an optimal integration. Both support teams worked together to develop a smooth and easy process for onboarding customers, which allows for data transfer between the school’s MIS and MyConcern.

Wonde is used to automatically integrate student data from a wide range of MIS used by thousands of MyConcern’s customers in school settings. 

The integration allows student/pupil data to be pulled seamlessly from the MIS. In doing so, it enables MyConcern’s customers to quickly and easily record safeguarding, wellbeing or pastoral concerns about data subjects (the children and young people whose welfare they are responsible for).  

This service is essential in getting customers up and running and integrated quickly. This, in turn, helps the onboarding process and allows customers to start using MyConcern as soon as possible, to enhance their safeguarding processes and further protect the children and young people in their care. 

This joint integration allows MyConcern to be more proactive and provide a better level of service to their thousands of existing customers. The ongoing support of school services means they can identify broken integrations before a customer does, meaning they can proactively fix the issue before a customer is impacted. 

For example, this might happen if a school turns a server off over the holiday period; MyConcern will be alerted to this and can contact the customer to resolve this before the term starts and their service remains unaffected. 

Through Wonde, MyConcern has good visibility of any ongoing and historic cases through the support dashboard, which is very easy to use. Similarly, Wonde’s case management system is simple and user friendly. 

New customers benefit from impressive turnaround times for onboarding; it is not uncommon for integrations to be complete within one day. 

The level of service that Wonde provides, (should we have queries or issues which we need assistance with) is exceptional. They are very responsive, always helpful and are a pleasure to deal with. 

A specific example of where Wonde’s service has helped is with a Multi Academy Trust with 10 different establishments, who all share the same SIMS database. The issue with this is that each establishment needed its own version of MyConcern (due to the sensitive nature of the safeguarding information stored within it, which has restricted and privileged based access).

Using Wonde’s Product Access Control feature, they were able to split out the one database into 10 different integrations (multi-tenanted integration), which allowed the data to be separated and pulled into the different instances of MyConcern, with no cross over of sensitive student data.  The result was a very happy customer, allowing them to keep their safeguarding data entirely separate and compliant with KCSIE and the GDPR.

As we see more centralised purchasing from Multi-Academy Trusts, and the significant growth of our customer base, Wonde’s services are pivotal in helping install large numbers of schools who are coming aboard, and groups of schools. 

They work with MyConcern on a project-led approach which allows for a smooth and pleasant customer experience with minimal input from the customer and the secure knowledge that they are being prioritised and looked after. 

What’s next?

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of international schools aligning with UK schools in their proactive approach to safeguarding. As a result, MyConcern look forward to working with Wonde to ensure integrations with a wide range of MIS (including iSAMS) can ensure a smooth onboarding for their international customer base. 

In addition, as they diversify into a range of other safeguarding products and services, there will certainly be the opportunity to ensure systems integration across the whole of our safeguarding suite. 

“I have always found Wonde extremely responsive to any support that we require. The Support Team is extremely responsive and efficient which allows us to on-board new and existing customers easily. Please continue to provide the fantastic support that you offer.”


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