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Making a difference to schools

Schools deserve quality data management solutions that are managed and maintained in a powerful, highly secure, easy to use way.

Wonde is a simple, intuitive data management system providing you with a single portal from which to maintain, manage and control the data you share whilst maintaining the utmost security processes.

Simple and powerful

A simple, powerful solution to school data management.

Secure data sharing

Control and manage data sharing easily, accurately and securely.

Updates via one platform

Save significant staff time and resources through single updates via one platform.

Meet protection obligations

Helping meet data protection obligations.

Supported globally

Fully supported by global technology experts.

Easy to integrate

Enjoy fully flexible accommodation
of any App.

How it works

Our innovative cloud-based solution enables you to take full control of your school data and the integrations you make.

1. App requests access to school data

New apps can only request the exact data they need. We call these ‘permissions’ and the school is always in control of them.

2. School is notified of App request

Wonde will let the school know an App is requesting access to specific data. The school logs in to the secure platform to view all pending requests.

3. School controls the request via Wonde

The school can review the data requested by an App. Once they are happy with the request, the school can approve, decline or revoke the request.

4. Integration is complete

The exact data flows through to the App safely and securely. The school is ready to access and enjoy their new App.

A school will always have total control over the data they share. Support is available through every step of the process.

As a school, you will always have total control over the data you share. Support is available for both the school and App every step of the way.

“We experienced a huge growth in uptake of ‘Numbots’ over lockdown, the process of integrating new schools and extending the service was made easy because of Wonde.”

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