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When you manage a number of schools, you need an effective, unilateral data management system that safely and securely maintains all your schools data. 

Centralised data management, enhanced communication and greater cost savings.

Providing centralised data management, enhanced communication and greater cost savings.

Making a difference to schools

High-level performance of schools requires a coherent, secure data management system. Wonde enables multi-academy trusts and their schools to achieve successful, sustainable growth through the ability to centralise control, gain cost-savings and improve collaborations.

Centralised data control

With a single log in, your team members have full access and visibility to individual schools in your Trust.

Secure data sharing

You or your schools have total control over the data they share, with whom and for how long.

Streamline processes

Through a simplified approach, eliminate unnecessary work, improve efficiencies and reduce errors.

Data protection compliance

Schools are supported in GDPR audits, DPIA is made easier and compliance is streamlined.

Full audit trail of activity from all schools

You have the ability to view all third party approvals, permissions and revoked access from each of your schools.

Third-party management

View applications used across all schools with the ability to manage approvals and revokes on their behalf.

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Your schools will always have access to manage and maintain their individual Enterprise dashboard. They can:

Approve, decline, revoke and manage applications and their connections.

Add and remove administrators.

Use and update Access Control to ensure safeguarding is upheld.

“What I love about Wonde is, it’s really clean and easy to navigate. They couldn’t make it more simple for a trust to support their schools. And they don’t just provide a great product, they also support you at every step.”

Thomas Brown, Creative Education Trust

Acting IT Operations Manager

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