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A strong growth trajectory required speedy integration with school MIS securely and at scale.

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About Parents Booking

Parents Booking was conceived almost fifteen years ago by a small family business based on the Black Isle, in the Highlands of Scotland. Over the years, thousands of schools across the UK, and more recently around the world, have used Parents Booking to increase parental engagement by taking bookings for parents’ evenings, events, clubs, and trips online.

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, tens of millions of video parents’ evening meetings have been conducted all around the world using timed meetings hosted within Parents Booking. These timed meetings are created automatically as required by the teachers’ schedules and have created record-breaking levels of parental engagement.

As we emerge from the ‘restrictions’ phases of the pandemic, schools will have the option to set up a mix of in-person and virtual parents’ evening meetings, which promises to offer the best of both worlds, lowering barriers to access and providing parents with all the access required to meet with teachers no matter their circumstances.

The challenge

Parents Booking was growing so quickly in 2020 that it needed a way to integrate with many more MIS/SIS databases, quickly. Wonde’s coverage meant that rather than undertaking a great many new integrations, Parents Booking was able to concentrate on building one (with Wonde) and benefitting from Wonde’s lightning-fast onboarding team making sure the connection worked quickly and perfectly for new customers.

By being able to rely on Wonde for new customers’ MIS connections, Parents Booking could adopt a new online sign-up process that allowed schools to sign up and import the required data in record-breaking time, which has been of great benefit to schools and Parents Booking’s growth.

The solution

By integrating with Wonde, Parents Booking was able to fulfill all of the MIS integration requirements that new customers had, which removed a lot of the burden on Parents Booking’s onboarding staff.

Where, in rare cases, Wonde was not already installed at a given school, the speed with which it was once the school had requested it was incredible.

Over the last two years, Parents Booking’s product has also improved thanks to the data field coverage and documentation provided by Wonde. Without having to edit multiple MIS integrations, Parents Booking could add to the Required or Optional fields that it requests from schools and import more intelligence or information that is helpful to schools using Parents Booking.

What’s next for Parents Booking?

Without Wonde, Parents Booking could not have grown anywhere near as quickly as it did over the last two years. It has been invaluable.

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