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Reggie Education

Making Reggie's product work with any MIS required Wonde's innovative simple API.

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About Reggie Education

Reggie® Education is one of the world’s first mobile applications that allows teachers to take the register, anytime and anywhere.

Reggie® is a quick, easy and affordable add-on to your MIS that allows an unlimited number of colleagues to take lesson registrations, log behaviour/assessments and monitor reports on a mobile phone with or without WiFi.

In March 2021, Reggie® Education officially partnered with Tegeria, one of the world’s leading digital transformation companies, for all design, development and support on the app. Tegeria developed a brand new app for Reggie® with features that have resulted in outstanding results for existing schools.

How did you overcome your challenge and how did Wonde support you in overcoming this?

The main challenge was to make Reggie® Education product work with any MIS. Wonde’s API allows us to do that our schools, allowing it to work with any MIS.

How has Wonde’s solution enabled you to fulfill your business objectives?

Wonde’s API service allows our Reggie® Education product to be quick and efficient for our schools, allowing it to work with any MIS system.

What have been the specific outcomes / most impactful advantages thanks to this collaboration?

Our partnership with Wonde has raised our profile in schools. It is also useful as a partner to call upon their knowledge and support, having been in the sector for many years.

What’s next?

With the new app update launched, the core focus is to branch out with Reggie® Education and get schools all across the UK and Ireland on board. With social media platforms and a podcast at the heart of the Reggie® community, the future is focussed on networking with inspiring individuals within the education industry to spread the word.

“We use Reggie every day in all of our lessons and are very happy with it.”

Joyce Frankland Academy

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