Support your schools in their data needs

Protecting crucial data from cyber incidents

Data Recovery by Wonde is an innovative, simple solution for schools to protect their crucial data from cyber incidents or natural disasters. In just a few simple steps, schools can be confident their data is protected and easily accessible.

Simple and easy to use

A data recovery service for school data is the safest, easiest way to recover lost files. Schools simply set their preferences for crucial data and instantly know they can ensure continuity of education even when they’re offline.

Quick access to data

With fast access to crucial data that is instantly usable, you can ensure your schools can safeguard their students, continue to support and educate and contact parents.

Cyber secure

Ensure your schools’ data is protected and resilient against cyber incidents, supporting your compliance to DfE’s cyber security standards.

Are you ready to get started?

Contact our Partnership team to talk more about how you can provide your schools with confidence in the protection of their crucial data, continuity of education and safeguarding of students.