Ensure your schools’ data is instantly protected and readily accessible

Making sure crucial school data is protected from cyber incidents is essential to enable your schools to continue to operate effectively and with confidence. 

Data Recovery is an innovative tool to enable you to build the cyber security defences of your schools quickly and efficiently.

Your schools’ crucial data is immediately and automatically protected.

Simple and easy to use

A data recovery service for school data is the safest, easiest way to recover lost files. Schools simply set their preferences for crucial data and instantly know they can ensure continuity of education even when they’re offline.

Quick access to data

With fast access to crucial data that is instantly usable, you can ensure your schools can safeguard their students, continue to support and educate and contact parents.

Cyber secure

Ensure your schools’ data is protected and resilient against cyber incidents, supporting your compliance to DfE’s cyber security standards.

Get protected today

Data Recovery is charged annually and includes full support and access to crucial data when you need it. Getting started is quick and simple.

For primary schools


+ VAT / per year

  • MATs enjoy a 20% MAT discount (p/a before discount)

For secondary schools


+ VAT / per year

  • MATs enjoy a 20% MAT discount (p/a before discount)

MATs enjoy a 20% discount.

Get started with Data Recovery by Wonde

As soon as Data Recovery is enabled, your school data is being protected!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! But this isn’t a complicated process, and it doesn’t cost anything to complete. Simply contact our support team who will talk you through the steps. There’s lots of other benefits in using Wonde so please speak to the team for more information.

DfE Cyber Security Standards help advise schools on the standards they need to ensure they are cyber secure, that data is protected and users safe.  Within the standards DfE state schools should have at least three backup copies of important data and Data Recovery helps you achieve this.

In the majority of cases, we run data sync every 2 to 4 hours each day. This means we have the most up-to-date information captured and secured.

You simply go to your Data Recovery app and select which data set you need to download (Parent contacts, Fire register or All your data). Parent contacts and Fire registers can be received once you have clicked the download button. For ‘All data’, once the request has been processed and verified, you will get an email with a download button. Click on this and your requested data will be ready.

If your email has been compromised you’ll need to email from an alternative address to [email protected] we can then work to verify your request

For Parent Contacts and Fire Register data, you can receive this shortly after your download request.

If you request ‘All data’, we will take appropriate steps to get your data back to you as soon as possible. How long that takes depends on the type and complexity of the data request and permission requirements however our support team aims for no longer than 24 hours.