Wonde works with carefully selected third parties to enhance the service, product and support you receive.

A sub-processor is a third party who has been engaged by Wonde who has, or potentially will, process personal data of customers in the provision of the Wonde service (s). Wonde engages different types of sub-processors to perform various functions as explained in the table below.

CompanyFurther informationUsed for
AircallWebsiteProvision of VOIP phone services.
Amazon Web ServicesWebsiteProvision of cloud hosting and server management software.
AppleWebsiteProvision of hardware, business administration software, mobile phone software, push notifications.
Braintree (part of PayPal)WebsiteProvision of online payment processing software.
BugsnagWebsiteProvision of bug fixing software.
Facebook (inc. WhatsApp)WebsiteProvision of customer service and social media marketing software.
GoogleWebsiteProvision of business administration software, email service provider, push notifications.
HelloSignWebsiteProvision of digital document signing software.
HootsuiteWebsiteProvision of social media management software.
LinkedInWebsiteProvision of networking and social media marketing software.
LogMeInWebsiteProvision of remote access software for customer support.
MicrosoftWebsiteProvision of hardware, business administration software.
PipedriveWebsiteProvision of sales contact and lead management.
ShreditWebsiteProvision of confidential and secure paper waste shredding and destruction.
TwitterWebsiteProvision of customer service and social media marketing software.
XeroWebsiteProvision of accounting software.
ZendeskWebsiteProvision of customer service software.
ZoomWebsiteProvision of video calling software.

Please note: not all sub-processors on this list will be relevant to schools and any processing of school data.

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