School email template

To make it even easier for you to notify schools about your MAT dashboard, we have drafted an email template for you to copy, personalise and share.

Good afternoon [insert name]

As ***you are all aware/ some of you are aware***, your school uses Wonde to facilitate your connections from your MIS (SIMS, Arbor etc) and the third party applications your school uses.  Wonde ensures these applications have the most up to date information from your school’s MIS.

You all have access to your own individual Wonde dashboards – enabling you to see the data each application requires (Permissions) and providing you with full control over the data you share with them (Access Control).

Wonde has also offered [insert MAT name] the use of their Wonde MAT dashboard, enabling us to offer an additional layer of support to you for managing and maintaining those connections.

We would like to add your school to our [insert MAT name] MAT dashboard. Those Wonde admin users that have access, will shortly receive a request from us to be approved. Please accept accordingly.

Any questions, please feel free to ask,

Best wishes

*** Delete as applicable ***

I’m a school

And I want a simple, secure data management system that works

Our team will handle
all the details.