We’re changing the way we work

To champion and support the health and wellbeing of our team

The 4 Day Week

Here at Wonde, we are focused on supporting our schools, apps and partners in the delivery of effective, simple tech solutions that enable and ease learning, communication and administration throughout education institutions. 

What makes us able to achieve this is our 100+ strong team of passionate individuals that work tirelessly across departments to deliver innovative solutions and excellent support. 

We have this group of talented individuals that work collaboratively across development, data protection, finance, integration, HR and more. They are all intrinsically important to the future of Wonde and now, more than ever, we recognise the need to nurture, champion and support the health and wellbeing of everyone – not just for the greater good of Wonde, but for their own personal development.

What the pandemic has made clear is that we can find a better balance between work and life. Hybrid working needn’t impact productivity and teamwork – in fact, on the contrary, it can enhance it. And it’s because of the success of our approach to hybrid working, that Wonde are now trialling the 4 day work week.

“We want to ensure our team still enjoys the benefits of working in a collaborative environment while ensuring a good work-life balance.”

In summary

  • Our traditional 5 day work week will (from 28th Feb) be reduced to 4.
  • From a standard 40 hours all full-time employees will now work 32 hours.
  • All employees will retain the same pay and benefits.
  • Individuals who work part-time, term time and 11 month contracts will also benefit from the changes introduced.

Our team will be encouraged to totally switch off from work on their day off.  We want them to enjoy their own space and re-energise – and rather selfishly, Wonde can benefit from a more motivated team who can push the boundaries of creativity.

And it will be supported with several additional wellbeing and benefit initiatives including; meditation retreats, volunteering days, on-site gym and private healthcare. 

There are bound to be tweaks and improvements along the way – this is a learning process for us all and that is what the 6 month trial will enable. However it’s time we push back against the arbitrary 5 day work week figure. It’s not healthy to work continuously over 5 days and cram family time, exercise, errands and headspace into just 2 days.  

We want our team to have the freedom and flexibility to spend their time doing what nurtures them, knowing they have our full support. And to return to the office ready to create, innovate and excel.  

This is an exciting time for Wonde and all those who work here, and we can’t wait to get started on the next chapter.

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