Account Access

Take control of your data

Access your Wonde account to take control of your school data when sharing this with third party app vendors. Approve, decline or revoke access to apps, and only grant them permissions to the exact data they need.

Account Access


Strict security layers are in place to ensure the transit of data is encrypted and are only accessed by those approved by you the school.

App Dashboard


Until now, key stakeholders in the school weren’t able to have visibility over what third parties are accessing their data… and what data they’re accessing. Your Wonde account lets you have a complete live overview down to a granular level.

Data Request

Control data of individuals

Customise the data accessed by third parties down to that of an individual. Allow or restrict the data of individual students, teachers and parents on an app-by-app basis.

App Dashboard

Paper trail

It’s important to track your school data and how it’s accessed by third party applications. Wonde provides a full paper trail of who approved each app vendor, what data was approved and the date and time it was approved.

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