Keeping your school data secure

Take control of your school data. Approve, decline and monitor those who integrate with your data.
Receive monthly reports and manage application access through one easy-to-use login.

How it Works

Wonde Integrate


You now only need one installation to cover third party applications who need to integrate with your school data.

Wonde Integrate


You control who accesses your school data. Approve or decline requests and manage any existing applications.

Wonde Integrate


As soon as you approve access, the appropriate data is instantly available to your chosen applications.

Your School Data

Wonde helps simplify the way in which school data is accessed by third party applications. Schools have a number of companies accessing their data to help run their applications (i.e. parental communication tools). Wonde now provides schools with a process to control what data is accessed and by whom.

To comply with the Data Protection Act, all schools are required to have a clear understanding of what’s happening with their school data. Wonde provides the tools to ensure a school is in complete control.

Data Security

Wonde is a secure platform that provides schools with the tools to manage their school data. Along with providing a secure and robust infrastructure, an identification process is also available to ensure school data is never compromised.

Additional reporting tools are also available to the school's senior leadership team, furthermore providing supporting documentation in relation to data protection obligations.