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“We have managed to increase our distribution, offering the full Relish service to schools, largely thanks to Wonde. There is a good percentage of our schools we could not support if it were not for Wonde’s intuitive API.”
“We love working with Wonde. Both our customers and TTRockStars are treated really well. The team at Wonde have excellent technical support and ticketing systems in place which are managed really well.”
Times Tables Rock Stars
“Our Partnership with Wonde has raised our profile in schools. It is also useful as a partner to call upon their knowledge and support, having been in the sector for many years.”
Reggie Eduction
“The amazing team at Wonde worked with our fantastic developers to integrate a system into our product [that ensures] everything is compliant with Data Protection regulations and we no longer have to ask teachers to spend time filling out lengthy documents!”

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