Easily integrate with Wonde!

Simple set-up

If you’re one of the 23,000 schools already using Wonde, simply log into your Wonde account and click on the free school meals banner. If you’re new to Wonde, send a quick email to support@wonde.com and we’ll help you get signed up straight away!

Easily integrate with Wonde!

Automatically assign vouchers

As Wonde connects directly to your MIS, we have all the relevant student and parent data. We help you quickly select the FSM eligible children and the relevant parent to assign the voucher to.

Choose from multiple supermarkets!

Vouchers sent to parents

When you assign vouchers to a parent, they instantly get a text message and/or email to ask them to choose their supermarket of choice.

Once they’ve selected their supermarket, and the school payment has cleared, vouchers are sent directly to parents.

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